Chairman's Message

My dear engineers,

Engineers are one of the main contributors for the benefits of humanity. It is required from you that you create safe, economic and buildable designs may it be the sectors of, information technology, health, education, agriculture, energy, shipping, dams, infrastructure or space technology.

We have to make ourselves a better citizen and sincere professionals of Pakistan for ourselves and for the coming generations. Let us pledge today that we will stand for merit, safety and economic designs. We have to pledge that our coming generations will not be sufferer.

As a Pakistani citizen I implore upon you all and specially the young engineers to never be disappointed in life. Always try to acquire deeper insight into the realms of your profession. Involve yourselves in activities which would keep you abreast with the ever developing aspects in the engineering World.

PEC has taken many initiatives to facilitate and improve engineer’s status & employment in Pakistan as well as elsewhere in the World.

  1. Creating 5000 jobs for fresh Engineers by introducing “Supervisory License”.
  2. Online registration of engineers.
  3. Ensuring that the contractors, consultants and developers employ qualified and PEC registered engineers at the time of issuing/renewing their licenses.
  4. Development of software for the job portal of engineers to bridge between employee& employers.
  5. Reforms in accreditations program of universities.
  6. Registration of students from Fall 2016 with PEC to ensure their legal admission in universities.
  7. Institution of Think-Tank groups on various issues of National importance related to engineering, in order to provide guideline to Govt. of Pakistan.
  8. Service structure for Engineers.

We are striving to further develop the engineering in Pakistan in many more aspects which we will keep updating you, from time to time through your e-mail addresses with PEC.

Last but not the least we welcome good ideas that any one of you would have for the development of Engineering community in Pakistan. You are encouraged to share your views at

Wish you all the best in life and have a good day.

Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi
Pakistan Engineering Council

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