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Convener Message (Public Relation Committee)

As head of Public Relation Committee I had many challenges before me. The canvas and spectrum of PR Committee was quite wide in fact wider than that of any other committee of PEC. Welfare of engineers, their internship, their jobs, social activities for the, introduction of concessionary regimes, timely issuance of magazine etc. Allow me to share that within a span of one year the Public Relation Committee has delivered goods on almost each front and each area of responsibility that was assigned to it. We have secured more than 500 internships for new engineers, jobs in international markets are being found; last month information about two dozen high paid jobs in Western Region of Abu Dhabi was received by PEC through the Commercial Attache of UAE and matching CVs were sent, the selection process is underway. The PR Committee is coordinating with Ministry of Commerce to ensure that all its Commercial Attachee posted in sixty important countries of the world share with PEC the information about jobs for engineers or of projects for our registered contractors. We have been regularly holding social events for families of engineers in different cities. The magazine which was issued once in two years is being issued regularly.
I am extremely proud of members of PR Committee who are turning no stone unturned as far as welfare of engineers is concerned. I would also like to highlight that we set another example by inviting Commercial Attache of UAE to give a lecture on opportunities for engineers in UAE to the final year students of Sir Syed University. It turned out to be quite useful and we intend to continue this exercise in other universities too. This will create awareness amongst our young engineers about global opportunities and will inturn enable them to take better decision about their careers.

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