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“The license validity of all companies/firms, which expired on 30th June 2018 has been extended to 31st August 2018.”
PEC Governing Body Elections (term 2018-21)

Fee for New Registration

New Registration of all such applicants who gratudated in year 2016, is complementary.Gradutaes of year 2016 do not require to deposit any registration fee.
  • Registered Engineer (Qualified from Pakistani University)

    Initial registration Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) (including Rs. 400/- as one time registration fee and Rs.200 per year for first three years)

  • Registered Engineer (Qualified from foreign University)

    Initial registration of Rs.5,000/-
    (including Rs.4,400 as one time registration fee and Rs.200/- per year for first three years)

Fee for registration as Professional Engineers

Pakistan Nationals:

Rs. 5,500 (Rupees five thousand and five hundred only)
(including Rs.500 as one time registration fee and Rs.5000 as life subscription);

Foreign Nationals:

Registration fee of Rs.500 and Rs.3,000 per year for subsequent renewals.

Fee for Renewal of registration

Renewal within six months of its expiry on payment of Rs.500/- per year, failing which a surcharge of Rs.500 per year shall be imposed;

A Registered Engineer who has attained the age of sixty years and is unemployed shall be exempted from the payment of annual renewal fee for the rest of his life and his renewal card shall be issued upon his request.

Temporary Licensees

Foreign Engineers not registered with PEC but working to visit Pakistan as employee of foreign Construction/Operation Firm to execute Engineering Works.

Rs.3,000 per year.

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