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The Public Relation Committee acts as advisory body to Pakistan Engineering Council's Governing Body pertaining to public relations of the Council. The Committee is working under the Convenership of Engr. Mukhtar Ali Sheikh.
The Public Relation Committee has taken several initiatives in last one year to bridge the communication gap between PEC and the engineering community. The key initiatives for engineers include publication of comprehensive magazine, social gatherings, sports events, internship and job opportunities, active Facebook page, jobs in foreign countries, email alerts and awareness sessions.

Aims & Objectives

The Committee has set following aims and objectives in its first meeting which were unanimously agreed as well:

  1. Service to Pakistan.
  2. Welfare of Engineers.
  3. Dissemination of information about activities of PEC amongst Engineer Community.
  4. Gather feedback on the performance of PEC.
  5. Gather suggestions/ideas for improvement.
  6. Bridge the gap between PEC and Engineers

Means to Achieve the Objectives set by Public Relation Committee:

After detailed deliberations under the Convenership of Engr. Mukhtar A. Shaikh, it was decided during the first Public Relation Committee meeting that the committee would employ and make use of following tools to achieve the above mentioned aims and objectives:

  1. Improved service structure and to make efforts to the effect that Heads of Engineering departments are engineers
  2. Creation of jobs in private sector/constructors and their distribution through
  3. Introduction of self-sustainable schemes for regular Scholarships
  4. To focus on UETs/ colleges – final year students
  5. To develop economical accommodation facilities in major cities/capital
  6. To develop Engineer’s club in major cities on the pattern of Gymkhanas, Defense clubs etc
  7. To seek more facilities for registered engineers through smart Membership card
  8. Issuance of monthly newsletter 9. Issuance of quarterly PEC Magazine
  9. Introduction of Engineer’s Channel
  10. Regular holding of social events

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