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PEC E-Kachehri

PEC has scheduled 9th PEC E-Kachehri on Thursday, 17th June 2021, 10:00 AM to 12:00PM to listen and address the issues of the stakeholders (Engineers, Constsuctors, Operators and Consultants).The mode of E-Kachehri is Zoom (zoom.us).You are invited to participate and share your issues/grievances to PEC.

Guidelines for participants:
  1. Please use “Raise Hand” feature within zoom to speak and raise query/grievance.
  2. All participants will be allowed to speak in order of the “Raise Hand” queue within Zoom software.
  3. Please cross-check your audio/video before joining the E-Kachehri session.
  4. Please avoid taking phone calls/external noise while speaking in the session.
  5. SOPs to join and participate in the E-Kachehri.

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