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Pakistan Engineering Council

Regulating the Engineering Profession

Pakistan Engineering Council

Regulating the Engineering Profession

Engineering Practice Examination (EPE)

PEC Announces 21st Engineering Practice Examination (EPE) for Registered Engineers (RE) to elevate their title to Professional Engineer (PE)

Important Notes

Note 1:-

Please read carefully the following eligibility criteria before applying to appear in the 21st EPE.

  • Graduated on or after 15th January 2008.
  • 5 years of practical experience in relevant field of engineering since registration with PEC till closing date of submission of applications.
  • 17 CPD points since 10th July 2010 (Maximum 10 CPD points from work/ job experience and 07 CPD points from other categories of CPD).
    To apply, please click here

Note 2:-

As per decision taken by the PEC Governing Body (GB) all Registered Engineers who are graduated before 15th January 2008 are eligible to apply for the title of Professional Engineer (PE) without appearing in EPE through following link.

To apply for PE, please login in the Engineer Registration Portal and submit the application, please click here


For New Candidates

For Not Qualified Candidates

Filling/ Submission of both Application in Hard Form and Google form is mandatory for all New and Not Qualified Candidates.