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EPE Mechanism

  • Widely circulated schedule of EPE twice a year or in accordance with the frequency revised from time to time through newspapers/ website for submission of application forms along with fee by the Registered Engineers who fulfill the pre-requisites and are interested for the title of “PE”.
  • Verification of pre-requisites and record by CPD Secretariat to finalize the list and issuing Roll Number/ Code, indicating Examination Centre accordingly (via post and email). The roll number/ code shall be used during the examination. A valid CNIC would be required.
  • EPDC shall be responsible for administering examination at the designated centres. The centres shall be based mainly at Public Sector Engineering Universities/Institutions at a location where reasonable cluster of internet connected computers (about 250 -300) could be available. Security of all the centres shall be ensured through concerned institutions.
  • Both parts (Part-I and Part-II) of the examination shall be held on the same day with ninety minutes break.
  • The EPDC through notified Experts’ Committees shall review the syllabi of EPE from time to time and get prepared the MCQs through Experts’ Committees. Approved MCQs after review shall be added into the MCQs databank.
  • After announcement of each EPE, the Experts’ Committees of relevant engineering disciplines/ specialized areas, as nominated by EPDC, shall prepare MCQ-based examination papers for all engineering disciplines atleast fifteen days before the conduct of examination.
  • EPDC shall appoint the Exam Conveners (from among Governing Body) for overall monitoring of the EPE proceedings in each examination centre, who shall be assisted by the concerned PEC Officials (PEC-18 or above) of Regional/Branch Offices. The concerned institutions of designated EPE Centres shall provide necessary support in this regard for which MoUs shall be made.

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