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International Professional Engineer (Pak)

Under International Professional Engineer Agreement (IPEA)

International Professional Engineer, IntPE(Pak)

"International Professional Engineer (Pak)" means a person who holds an accredited engineering qualification and after obtaining a professional experience of seven years while holding the title of Professional Engineer, whether working privately or in the employment of an engineering public organization, and has satisfied one of the following prescribed requirements/eligibilities and is registered as such by the Council

IPEA Members have Full Rights

  1. Australia - Represented by Engineers Australia (EA) (1997)
  2. Canada - Represented by Engineers Canada (EC) (1997)
  3. Chinese Taipei - Represented by Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) (2009)
  4. Ireland - Represented by Engineers Ireland (EI) (1997)
  5. Hong Kong China - Represented by Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) (1997)
  6. India - Represented by Institution of Engineers India (IEI) (2009)
  7. Japan - Represented by Institution of Professional Engineers Japan (IPEJ) (1999)
  8. Korea - Represented by Korean Professional Engineers Association (KPEA) (2000)
  9. Malaysia - Represented by Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) (1999)
  10. New Zealand - Represented by Engineering New Zealand (EngNZ) (1997)
  11. Singapore - Represented by Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) (2007)
  12. South Africa - Represented by Engineering Council South Africa (ECSA) (2007)
  13. Sri Lanka - Represented by Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) (2007)
  14. United Kingdom - Represented by Engineering Council United Kingdom (ECUK) (1997)
  15. United States - Represented by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) (1997)
  16. Pakistan - Represented by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) (2018) 16thcountry is authorized in June 2018 to open IPEA section for issuance of IntPE (Pak)

Registration Process

IPEA Monitoring Committee

  1. The structure of Monitoring Committee will include Professional Engineers, practitioners and experts having at least 15 years of professional standing from engineering institutions, public and private sector, industry, relevant professional associations, and higher education institutions delivering engineering programs
  2. The composition of the IPEA Monitoring Committee will be as under:
  1. Convener (member from PEC Governing Body with international exposure)
  2. One member from Enrolment Committee
  3. Two members from Industry
  4. Two members from Academia
  5. Registrar, PEC
  6. Representative from Accreditation Department
  7. Representative from CPD Department
  8. Secretary, PEC Registration Department

TORs of PEC IPEA Monitoring Committee

  1. Tenure of IPEA Monitoring Committee will be same as of Governing Body tenure,
  2. Overall policy, regulation and monitoring of Int.PE (Pak) Framework
  3. Review of application
  4. Forward application to relevant reviewers/subject experts for assessment based on Professional Competency Attributes
  5. Process the Assessment Reports received from reviewers/subject experts along-with summary recommendation to EC for final decision
  6. Maintaining pool of reviewers/subject experts
  7. Ensuring periodic (every 03 years) Internal Audit for IPEA (Pak) register by external assessors
  8. Liaise and reporting to IPEA of IEA

Panel of Experts/Reviewers for Assessment

  1. The panel of experts/reviewers for assessment/evaluation will comprise of leading Professional Engineers from industry and academia with 20 years professional standing in their respective areas of expertise. Their role is critical as independent reviewers for competence assessment of the applicant engineers towards International Professional Engineer (Pak) with the following ToRs:
  2. Assessment/evaluation of Professional Competency Profile of applicant
  3. Assessment of Technical writing on the topic given to applicant in his claimed area
  4. Interview/Interaction with applicant for assessment of Professional Competency Profile
  5. Assessment Report along-with Recommendations to PEC-IPEA Monitoring Committee

Eligibility Criteria for the title of IntPE(Pak)

Following Engineering graduates registered with PEC as Professional Engineer can apply for the title of IntPE(Pak)
  1. who has obtained title of Professional Engineer after passing Engineering Practice Exam ( EPE)
  2. who was registered as Professional Engineer prior to April 2005
  3. who is registered as Professional Engineer after April 2005 but graduated prior to April 2005 and has passed Engineering Practice Exam-II ( EPE-II)
  4. who is registered as Professional Engineer with PEC on basis of possessing the title of “Professional Engineer/Chartered Engineer” under Washington Accord signatories

Requirements for the Title of International Professional Engineer-Pak Inte(PAK))

  1. Submission of application through PEC online registration system.
  2. Evidence of seven years of engineering professional experience after obtaining the title of Professional Engineer.
  3. Out of seven years, evidence of two years of engineering professional experience worked independently in a lead role duly verified by two professional Engineers.
  4. Duly attested evidence of completion of required CPD points for seven years (3 CPD points per year, which includes two CPD points per year from work experience).
  5. Submission of experience sheet as per format available on PEC website duly attested/verified by concerned employer(s).
  6. Submission of Professional Competency Profile applying attributes as per format available on PEC website
  7. Deposit of requisite fee
  8. In evidence of all above, a detailed Technical report be submitted, along with atleast two projects designed/ supervised/ implemented independently in a lead role duly verified by Professional Engineers.

Fee Structure for IntPE(Pak)

  1. Fee for Initial registration: US$ 200 or equivalent (non-refundable)
  2. (Initial registration with validity of three years)
  3. Renewal of Registration: US$ 100 or equivalent (non-refundable)
  4. (For three years)
  5. Challan dedicated for PEC fee are available in branch of MCB/HBL/Faysal Bank. In case of non-availability, bank’s standard deposit slip may be used along with needed detail.
  6. Fee can be deposited/ transferred to MCB or HBL or Faysal Bank account (View Details)

Assessment Mechanism

  1. After receipt of application, the academic credentials and professional competency will be evaluated by subject experts appointed by IPEA Monitoring Committee followed by assessment/interview by Enrolment Committee.
  2. Applicant will have to present (for 20 minutes) professional credentials/competencies claimed in technical report before the interview session.
  3. The expert and member of IPEA Monitoring Committees will then ask questions in relation to the contents of the application, focusing on the field of expertise/specialization as claimed by the applicant in Technical report.
  4. Experts/member of Enrolment Committee will maintain confidentiality of assessment and information/data provided by the applicant.
  5. The credentials will be assessed by Panel of experts/IPEA Monitoring Committee, however, Enrolment Committee will assess and verify the credentials of the applicants as evaluated by panel of experts.

IPEA (PAK) Register

IPEA Register will be maintained with following particulars and information
  1. PEC Registration Number
  2. Name of Professional Engineer
  3. Date of registration as Registered Engineer
  4. Date of registration as Professional Engineer
  5. Date of approval of IntPE(Pak) Title
  6. Date if Issuance of Int PE(pak)
  7. Serial number of certificate
  8. Issuance of renewal card
  9. Signature of Registrar

Opening of IPEA Register

Engineer having title of International Professional Engineer from jurisdiction can apply for Professional Engineer to practice in Pakistan. After approval following particulars and information will be entered in a separate IPEA Register:
  1. Name of International Professional Engineer
  2. Name of country jurisdiction
  3. Name of Professional Body
  4. Date of obtaining title of Internal Professional Engineer
  5. Date of registration as Professional Engineer with PEC
  6. Date and Issuance of PEC registration Number
  7. Serial number of certificate
  8. Signature of Registrar

Audit of IPEA International Register of Professional Engineers

The audit provides for Declaration of Compliance by the registrant each year and provides for random audit of current curriculum vitae and records of participation in CPD program over the past three years by a sub-committee constituted by the IPEA Monitoring Committee

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