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Service Structure of Engineers (Proposed)


Chairman Message

My dear engineers,

It is a great day today that we are uploading the draft of “Engineers Service Structure”. It took over a year to develop consensus among committee and GB members. We are grateful of the “Engineers Service Structure” committee members who worked tirelessly on this subject:

  1. Engr. Tahir Basharat Cheema - (Convener)
  2. Engr. Pervez Butt - (Member)
  3. Engr. Raghib Abbas Shah - (Member)
  4. Engr. Kamal Uddin Tipu - (Member)
  5. Engr. Usman Yousaf Mobin - (Member)
  6. Engr. Riaz Ahmed Khan - (Member)
  7. Engr. Raqeeb Khan - (Member)
  8. Engr. Abdus Salaam Khan - (Member)
  9. Engr. Prof Abdul Sattar Shakir - (Member)
  10. Engr. Ahmed Kamal - (Member)
  11. Engr. Riaz Arshad - (Member)
  12. Engr. Shakeel Ahmed Shahwani - (Member)
  13. Engr. Nadeem Anwar - (Member)
  14. Mr. Mahmood Rehmani - (Secretary Committee)

It is requested to all engineers to give their feedback upto Nov 20, 2016 on e.mail addressed to

My very humble submission to all fellow engineers that feedback should be in shape of suggestions only. It is a time to contribute and develop harmony for better future of engineering community. I and my whole Governing Body stands united to take engineers service structure from the Government of Pakistan.


With best wishes.

Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi
Pakistan Engineering Council

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