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PEC Women Engineers Committee (Punjab)

  1. Women Engineers committee (Punjab) notified on January 11, 2021
  2. Committee members
    1. Engr. Ambreen Zaman                     
    2. Convener
    3. Engr. Dr. Izza Anwer
    4. Member
    5. Engr. Afia Suhail
    6. Member
    7. Engr. Dr. Saima Yasin
    8. Member
    9. Engr. Saba Iqbal
    10. Member
    11. Engr. Sadaf Amin
    12. Member
    13. Engr. Fouzia Anwar
    14. Secretary to Committee
  3. ToRs of committee
    1. To inculcate motivation in Female Engineers for registration with PEC
    2. To review the facilities provided for the Women Engineers at work place and work for the improvement
    3. To explore opportunities with the objective to facilitate internships, employment and entrepreneurship for the Women Engineers
    4. Capacity building and skills Development for Freelancing, Enhancing Management, Mentoring and Leadership
    5. Working to explore/ develop portal for scholarships and research grant opportunities for Women Engineers in consultation with different agencies
    6. To review Women Engineers' issues within PEC scope/ functions
    7. Any other relevant task to safeguard & welfare measures for Women Engineers with approval of the Competent Authority
  4. Committee organized it’s 4th meeting at C&W Secretariat Lahore on April 21,2021
    1. Total participants:
    2. 80
      Online participants: 60
      Physical participants: 20
  5. Formation of sub committees
    1. Women Engineers subcommittee (Lahore)
    2. Women Engineers subcommittee (Faisalabad)
    3. Women Engineers subcommittee (Multan)
    4. Women Engineers subcommittee (Rawalpindi)
  6. Organized webinar on "WOMEN ENGINEER AS A FREELANCER" on request of committee on 01-06-2021
    1. No of registrations: 784
  7. Chairman PEC has sent letter to 63 Engineering Universities & 7 Engineering Organizations in Punjab with following provisions:
    1. Providing facilities like day care centre/ common room/ prayer room/ washroom & transport to Women Engineers at work place
  8. The letter has been sent to the following institute for the provision of a basic facilities to Women Engineer:
    1. COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
    2. Sharif College of Engineering and Technology Lahore
    3. University of Wah, Wah Cantt
    4. Fatima Jinnah University, Rawalpinidi
    5. University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  9. For suggestions and remarks Women Engineers may contact on following email address (Secretary to Women Engineers Committee (Punjab).
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